Dream Big And Focus On Success: Here’s 10 Steps To Creating An Inspiring Vision Board


By Ilse Watson

While vision boards do work, many people do not realise that it is the emotion behind the images on the board that helps you to attract what you want into your life. Taking time to clarify your dreams and goals, whether visualising it, writing it down or representing it in pictures, is a powerful step to making your wants and needs a reality.

Chantell Vermaak-Johnson, a life coach from East London says: “Let us say you are wanting to bring greater wealth into a reality. The trick is to find pictures where you already feel wealthy. That way, when you look at them on your vision board you are able to feel wealthy straight away and the universe will rush to bring you more of that feeling.”

In an article by Jack Canfield, America’s number one Success Coach and founder of the billion-dollar book brand ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’, ‘How to create an empowering vision board‘, he says: “Look at your dream board often and feel the inspiration it provides; hold it in your hand and internalise the future it represents; see yourself in the future you have designed and believe it is already yours; look at it just before going to bed and first thing upon rising.”

Your vision board uplifts and stretches your thinking. Treasure and keep your vision board – every year you can change it. It chronicles your dreams, growth and achievements. Working with a life coach for accountability (taking actions and planning the steps to achieve what you want) can help tremendously. Just have fun and be open to whatever comes to you.

10 Steps to creating a vision board

  1. Prepare your supplies and yourself: Gather everything you’ll need to get started – a poster board/canvas, a stack of magazines, pens and glue. Get clear about your intentions for your vision board – ask yourself what you want.
  2. Flip and rip: Flip through magazines you’ve gathered and rip out anything that delights or calls to you. Don’t ask why just get the images. Make a big pile of images, phrases and words.
  3. Sort: Sort through the images and begin to lay your favourites aside in a pile. Use your intuition here and notice if any images don’t feel right. Trust yourself enough to set those aside and not use them.
  4. Arrange it: Lay the pictures on your poster board.
  5. Three different types of vision boards: (1) I know exactly what I want, (2) The ‘opening and allowing’ vision board and (3) The ‘theme’ vision board. If you know exactly what you want, set out the exact pictures that portray your vision. Use the ‘opening and allowing’ vision board if you’re not sure about your exact dreams. Go through magazines and tear out what delights you. Hold the same openness and ask yourself what this picture might mean d then put it on your vision board anyway. A theme vision board is significant for an upcoming event, such as your birthday or for planning a New Years Eve celebration or if you are working on a particular area of your life, for instance, work and career. Before you begin, hold the intent and theme in mind. Choose pictures that align with the theme.
  6. Paste: After you’ve arranged all the items in a way that works for you, paste it on your board. Take your time doing this. [WikiHow: How to make a vision board.]
  7. Decorate: When you are done posting all the images on the board, add some decorative touches using paint, write words with gel pens or add glitter.
  8. Optional but powerful – add you: Find a fantastic photo of yourself looking radiant and happy and paste it in the centre of the board.
  9. Display it: Put your vision board in a prominent place where you will see it every day. Hang it in your office, on your bedroom door or even on the walls of a walk-in closet.
  10. Act: Taking conscious action in your life is a key part of this process. Listen to your inner guidance, keep an eye out for opportunities and move towards them. For example, if you posted up pictures of healthy food, then read a book about going vegan. If you posted up pictures of beautiful living environments, then begin to make your current home beautiful.

[Source: Tania Basheer from Blue Sky Coaching in Australia.]

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